18 Nov

Dropbox Features: Group permissions and management now available!

We’re excited to announce that the New Dropbox Features “group permissions and management” is available today in the early access program! Now it is easier than ever to manage folder permissions & to save time onboarding new users.

You get additional control to:

  • Manage all groups — even ones you’re not a member of — by adding or removing members and designating owners. 
  • Limit group creation by specifying whether any team member can create groups, or only admins.

Team members can:

  • Create and manage lists of colleagues by department, project, or any other criteria. 
  • Share folders with groups to invite all the right people with just a click. 
  • Make onboarding faster by adding new hires to relevant groups, so they can get immediate access to the shared folders they need.


If you are an existing Dropbox customer, you can move your account to us as a partner and get lower pricing AND get access to cool early access features like this.  Contact Us today to move your Dropbox account over to SBO.  Check out our lower pricing HERE!


Dropbox for Business Features:

Forget about email attachments
You’ll have the latest version of your docs whether you’re on a Mac at home, your colleague’s PC, or your phone or tablet.
Keep all of your work safe
Share securely with your team, access older versions of your documents, and even restore deleted files.
Get up and running instantly
Start saving your work in Dropbox and it’s automatically backed up and available from anywhere — no training required.
Powerful admin console
View member activity, linked devices, and apps in the admin console. Get easy access to sharing controls for your entire team.
Say goodbye to FTP servers
We’ll give you all the storage your business needs — share large files without worrying about space or maintenance.
Your data is safe
Explore our security features, which are designed to protect your team’s information and give you the tools you need to stay in control.