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Linux or Windows Web Hosting?

When you decide to release a new website, you’re faced with choosing Linux or Windows hosting. So, which is better? Well the answer depends on your needs and what you plan to do with your website, but there are some guidelines to follow. As you can see, Linux and Windows Hosting both have pros and cons. Choosing really depends on the features, services budget, and what sort of technology your site will use.



Linux Pro’s & Con’s


Linux is an open source system and has a good reputation for speed and stability. Linux offers support for many types of applications and software.

Linux has several benefits over Windows including:

  • Cost. Linux is cheaper compared to Windows hosting because most of the software that’s used on Linux is open source.
  • Scripting language support. If you’re going to be using PHP, Perl, or Python then you should choose Linux and this hosting platform will support them all by default.

The disadvantages of Linux are:

  • No support for ASP. It’s less common for Linux to support applications created by Windows component like ASP server side scripts or .NET.


Windows Pro’s & Con’s


The major resource for using Windows server is for your website to run Microsoft software like Access and MS SQL. Web developers for windows will be given full use of the programming ecosystems that’s sponsored by Microsoft such as MS Index Server and VB Scripts.

Windows has several benefits over Linux including:

  • ASP or .NET scripts. With Windows you have the ability to run ASP or .NET scripts. These languages can be very effective and becoming more popular.
  • Database Websites. If you’re using ASP, developers can design websites that are database driven with Microsoft SQL and Access.

The disadvantages of Windows are:

  • Cost. Windows hosting normally costs more than Linux Hosting.

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