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saas-total-protection-1McAfee endpoint security protection is an affordable, strong, simple and fast security solution that can provide a full spectrum defense against any virus attack or security threat. This is a one stop security solution that safeguards all the operating systems like Windows, Macs and Linux; and all your devices including desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, tablets and even the android Smartphones.

The suite provides a transparent, easy and efficient protection against every kind of security threats including the most sophisticated ones.


Features and benefits

  • Cost effective: With our security-as-a-service management infrastructure you do not need to maintain dedicated IT in-house team.
  • Simple management: Installation, configuration, and reporting can be performed easily through centralized process.
  • Website blocking and content filtering is performed seamlessly.
  • Provide comprehensive security coverage.
  • Supports quick deployment.


McAfee Endpoint Security Protection provides complete simplicity of management. The suite offers web based console that makes it easy to manage the security policies and provides instant feedback/reports. McAfee comes with real-time tools to make immediate changes to your services.

Browser protection

The Safe Searching McAfee Site Advisor helps your employees to stay protected from online threats when online. It safeguards every console from all internet based threats. The tool provides color coded safety ratings for potentially malicious sites in order to warn the users before clicking the URL of an infected website. The product also comes with the website blocking facility. So you can block any website from your system that you do not want your employees to have an access to. With the help of this suite you can also enable content filtering to confirm that only virus free proper content reach your employees.


Protection (Malware and Rest)

lpwflow-300x285McAfee finds malware, freezes their activities and repairs the damage while providing multiple layers of protection to your system. It provides highest security to your confidential data and stops unauthorized access. McAfee targets attacks like rootkits that infects the kernel of the system; it provides hardware enhanced system protection going beyond the OS level. The desktop firewall protects your desktops and keeps hackers out from your network. The endpoint protection suite provides intelligent coverage against every kind of emerging cyber threats across all the vectors such as files, messages, web and network.

Deployment and scan

The package supports extremely quick deployment. Irrespective of the location of the user the customized installation link can be emailed for quick deployment. The total process takes as few as 4 clicks and as little as 20 minutes to get installed and running. You can also avail push or silent installation options according to your requirements. For scanning you can avail different custom options and the process does not slow down your machine.

As low as $2.95/license!
As Low as $2.95 per license!