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We are a leading provider of hosted email security and spam prevention services. Our cloud based SpamToxin is a comprehensive filtering service that provides full security to your business without a single hitch. As a no-spam-imghosted security solution SpamToxin receives your email even when your in-house mail server is down, and delivers it when it comes back online.

It reduces the volume of junk mails in your inbox and protects your system from potential security threats. The hosted filtering service works on all inbound emails to confirm that no infected data is sent or received from your network. The service is compatible with any email environment and provides maximum reliability. SpamToxin being a cloud based service it also saves you from any installation or maintenance related costs.


  • 99% spam removal
  • 100% Email virus removal
  • Malware and phishing email removal
  • Back-up for all emails received in the last 72 hours if your server is down


  • Provides maximum scalability and high reliability; ensures no failure
  • Compatible with all the types of mail servers
  • Filters all emails inbound
  • No capital expenditure
  • No software to install; so no space consumption on your memory drives
  • No maintenance