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API Plugin Development

Application Programming Interface or API plugin lets application developers make their aapipps work in tandem with other websites such as Facebook. API plugins let you integrate more and more apps and content to your website or software. API needs each plugin to implement and expose functions to create, initialize, destroy and position plugin content.

API plugins are advantageous because they enable data sharing internally between information technology systems and also between inter-organizationally. API plugins let you extend the functionality of your applications. The best thing about API is that you do not have to work directly with API to create applications for your site. Thanks to a well defined interface and the scope of parallel development, our high quality API plugin services will let you seamlessly integrate third party applications with your website or software. Any developer can work with our API. We will also assist you in creating and registering your applications.


WHMCS Plugin Development

whmcsWHMCS is a billing and support solution for online businesses which also helps in client management. It handles all aspects of your website from signup to termination. Not just for web hosting but for all online businesses that offer services or memberships, WHMCS can be a useful automation and support feature.

WHMCS can be used by itself as a portal or it can be blended in with your website. Thereafter, clients who wish to register with your website can manage their accounts or services, make payments and request support easily. WHMCS combines payment gateways, APIs, domain registrars etc so that provisioning and ordering becomes a fully automated process.

We would not only like to help you understand how WHMCS plugins will help expand your business and make things easier for you, but we will also help you implement and integrate WHMCS into your website for a better experience in online business. For the best quality solutions for WHMCS plugin development, you’ve come to the right place.


CPanel Development

cpanelcPanel simplifies the process of hosting a website by providing graphical interface and tools for automation. It is a UNIX based web hosting control panel which makes use of a three tier structure. It provides utilities for administrators to control the website and the server through a standard web browser.

cPanel is easy to navigate, colorful and vibrant in appearance and supports a wide range of operating systems. It is widely accepted among the web hosting community and can prove to be affordable. It is frequently updated to keep in track with evolving times. Not only can you add various addons to cPanel, you can also change skins for different interface designs. You can avail the best development services for custom software using cPanel with us. We can either help you start from scratch or help you modify your existing software. We offer a wide range of services for cPanel such as application functionality, custom development, API integration etc.