31 Jan

What is hosted Exchange service?

Small Businesses Can Still Take Advantage of Microsoft Exchange!

In the past, small businesses would have to either deal with the cost and aggravation or find a different solution. Several alternatives to Microsoft Exchange do exist, and many very small businesses find these alternatives acceptable.

Fortunately, the rise in popularity of software as solution has given small business the ability to access a variety of enterprise-grade software solutions while bypassing the major hurdles of infrastructure costs, licensing fees, maintenance and training. Many hosting companies now offer Microsoft Exchange services as part of their hosting plans.

The hosting company gets you set up with an account and provides you and your employees with the necessary training and support (much less than what you would need to run it yourself). In return, you pay a reasonable monthly fee.

For those small businesses that would prefer to use Microsoft Exchange, a hosted solution offers the same productivity, security and anytime, anywhere access benefits without the hassles of in-house servers.

What can Exchange Server do for me?

I’m a private individual, explain to me, what is an exchange server, and how can it help me?

You’re out and about, or maybe you’re travelling, and you lose your laptop or maybe you just didn’t bring your laptop but you are expecting an important email, or maybe you need to grab an important email, but historically if you’ve used outlook all your emails are at home. Maybe you don’t have webmail access to grab emails coming in. Exchange server is a centralised hub that contains all your emails online, but its compatible with outlook. So you’re used to getting your emails in outlook and sorting them how you like, Exchange server make that possible. So what about travelling, I still won’t be able to get my emails without outlook. Well, actually, you will. Exchange Server has an advanced feature which lets you log in to outlook, from anywhere, with Outlook Web Access. The outlook you’re used to from home, right there from any web browser, anywhere in the world!

What can an Exchange Server do for my business?

My company has many employees, what is exchange server, and how can it benefit my company?

Lets say you’re on a very important business trip, for whatever reason your laptop stops working, all your emails and notes are inaccessible, you have no way of recovering them from the hard drive, all your hard work could be for nothing. If you were running Exchange Server, all your emails would be on a server accessible from anywhere in the world, and only a few clicks away, all you need is any web browser and you’ll see your outlook with calendar dates, meeting schedules and any relevant notes. It can also increase your work flow if members of staff have to work out of the office anytime, with a well known interface (Outlook) and all work emails accessible at only a few clicks. These are just a few possible scenarios. The advantages of Exchange for businesses large and small, whether 1 employee or 10,000, are unlimited.